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How to identify an insecure man?

How to identify an insecure man?
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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Starting a relationship with a man, we do not notice some things. Behind romantic courtship, something remains hidden. For example, his insecurity. Moreover, it may seem to us impudence or too strong jealousy. But if a man is not confident in himself, this can negatively affect relationships and your self-esteem. Therefore, it may often be necessary to consult a psychotherapist in order to identify the problem and find ways to solve it.

If you want to understand with whom you connect your fate, pay attention to several factors.

Signs of an insecure man

There are several important signs that characterize an insecure man. Seeing them is easy enough, you just need to watch your partner.

  • He slouches. Uncertainty manifests itself in the physical state. Drooping shoulders and eyes are the first sign that a man is afraid to take on responsibilities. He literally evokes pity from those around him, and his family often has to make decisions for him.
  • Blames everyone but himself. Such a man shifts responsibility for what is happening to everyone. Failures at work – the leader is to blame, problems in his personal life – the partner did not cope. He does not want to understand what is happening, it is easier for him to blame someone.
  • He thinks he’s right about everything. Yes, an insecure man tries to improve his self-esteem at the expense of others. Therefore, he tries to prove that he knows everything better than anyone. It is almost impossible to convince him, except with a scandal. He will never admit he is wrong.
  • Competing with your significant other. An insecure man does not know how to rejoice in the success of loved ones. You may notice how after receiving good news about someone you know, his face darkens. But if someone had a failure, he, on the contrary, can walk in high spirits. It is also important for such a man to be taller than his girlfriend, he perceives her successes painfully.
  • Doesn’t finish the job. Any difficulty in business makes such a man quit everything. And this is understandable, because he does not have enough strength and desire to follow the goal in spite of everything. However, he always finds an excuse for himself.
  • He has no personal interests. The man seems to dissolve into the life of his relatives. He is not looking for friends, he has no hobbies, he does not know how to spend time alone. He also has no goals and aspirations, but at the same time he is ready to live the life of another person.
  • He’s painfully jealous. Of course, we can all be jealous. But in an insecure man, such a feeling reaches extreme states. He can remember your ex-partner, tell you that you looked at someone the wrong way. This seriously damages the relationship.
  • It monitors all your actions. An insecure man can turn his partner’s life into a real detective. It seems to him that he is being deceived, he cannot trust others. Because of this, he often arranges real surveillance of his partner, including in social networks.
  • Rejoicing in the failures of others. A man monitors other people’s lives and is always happy if something did not work out for someone. He literally chews the event and rises against the background of others.
  • Projecting failure on the girl. A man always blames his partner for his troubles. She has to take on everything in a relationship, and also make excuses if something went wrong. A man is always dissatisfied with everything, and everyone around him is to blame.

Living with such a man is very difficult, because a woman has to not only support him. She becomes to blame for everything that he does not succeed.

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What to do?

Of course, you can’t command your heart. But in a relationship with insecure men, it is difficult. You can be helped by the services of a psychotherapist, with whom you will sort out the problem, and the man will find the reasons for his insecurity and ways to overcome it.

This will allow you to look at life in a new way and even change its quality. After all, self-confidence will enable a man to set goals for himself and be in a healthy relationship with his partner.

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