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The importance of psychology in human life

The importance of psychology in human life
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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Many of us more than once had to deal with misunderstanding – of ourselves, those around us, from our relatives. Sometimes, we find it hard to understand our own thoughts and emotions. When traumatic, shocking situations in life occur, we also seek help.

In such situations, often the only salvation becomes a group or individual consultation with a psychologist. We run to him as to a magician who is able to put everything on the shelves, relieve mental suffering, worries, anxieties and depression. But what is psychology really and why do we need it?

What is psychology?

A few decades ago, the emotional state of a person was given a minimum of time. Seeing that something was wrong with him, he was either sent to special institutions with sometimes barbaric methods of treatment, or left alone with his experiences. Yes, and it was not customary to talk about the soul, anxiety, rejection of oneself. Today it has been proven that our psychological state even affects physical well-being, the appearance of diseases, and activity.

<p>Michael Nichols “The Art of Listening. Why have we forgotten how to hear each other?”</p>

Michael Nichols “The Art of Listening. Why have we forgotten how to hear each other?”

In his book The Art of Listening, Michael Nichols invites the reader to understand the intricacies of such an important, basic part of communication as listening. As a practicing psychotherapist, the author talks about both sides of the coin in accessible and engaging language: why we need to win the attention of the interlocutor, and also – what prevents us from becoming sensitive and responsive listeners (even if we think that we are surprisingly good at this) . In addition, Nichols offers hands-on exercises to help anyone develop the skills to become a truly good listener, as well as learn to draw attention to what they say when needed.

The book will be of interest to practicing psychotherapists, students of psychology, as well as anyone who wants to be able to listen and be heard.

Psychology as a science

Psychology is a science that studies the consciousness and psyche of a person.
This includes emotions, feelings, thoughts, personality traits, character, abilities, interests.

This science has many facets and is not exact. After all, you can’t just come to a psychologist and ask to switch your mind from deep depression to a joyful perception of the world and a focus on success. Psychology requires the work of two – a person and a therapist.

Why is psychology important in human life?

Each of us is individual. We live in society, we face various events every day, we receive large doses of information. We try to interact with other people. And everything – from upbringing to relationships at work, affects us, can leave a deep mark.

Psychology helps to better know yourself, understand the causes of your experiences and learn how to cope with them. It gives the necessary impetus to those who are trying to change their lives, to recover from the traumatic events of the past.

With the help of psychology, you can:

✅ Learn to listen to yourself

Научиться прислушиваться к себе

✅ Find out the cause of your experiences, look for it in your mind and work with it

Узнавать причину своих переживаний, искать ее в своем сознании и работать с ней

✅ Know your individuality

Познавать свою индивидуальность

✅ Get rid of depression

Избавиться от депрессивных состояний

✅ Solve deep emotional problems

Решить глубокие эмоциональные проблемы

This is not all that is included in the meaning of the concept of “psychology”. It covers all aspects of the emotional and mental life of a person. But it is important to remember that only a competent specialist can help you understand yourself. Depending on the problem, you may need a child or family psychologist, a specialist who conducts individual consultations.

There are many ways to work:

  • individual;
  • group;
  • for couples.

The psychologist selects special methods and techniques with which a person can reveal himself, immerse himself in the inner world and begin to recognize it, change certain aspects and direct his emotions and thoughts in the right direction.
It is psychology that helps us to study ourselves and better understand our thoughts and needs. It directs us to the knowledge of our conditions, as a result of which we learn to cope with them.

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