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Conflicts in the family: causes and whether they can be avoided

Conflicts in the family: causes and whether they can be avoided
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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Family is the dream of many. This is the union of two loving hearts, as well as the fruits of their love. She is our stronghold, hope, support. It is the family that allows us to move forward and do things that we did not even think about before.

Ideally, everyone wants family life to be smooth, full of love and understanding. In fact, it doesn’t always work out that way. Conflicts between loving and dearest people are not uncommon. But instead of getting angry at each other or breaking all ties, you can try to understand the reason for your irritation and quarrels. Perhaps, in this case, you will need online support from a psychologist who will help you understand yourself and your soulmate, sort out your feelings and resolve conflict situations.

What is the cause of family conflict?

In fact, everyone is different. Creating a family, two completely different people converge, with their own life attitudes. We are also influenced by the parental model of the family, education, and our own views on life.

And even if everything in marriage began harmoniously, at any moment everything can deteriorate. In psychology, there are several main types of family conflicts:

  • excessive requirements for a partner or unjustified expectations;
  • unwillingness to hear and listen;
  • high sense of selfishness;
  • different personalities and goals in life.

In some families, the situation worsens with the advent of children. Much more responsibility falls on partners, they have to face many new questions for themselves. And, of course, in such cases there may be misunderstandings.

There are other reasons why partners may even completely forget the feelings that allowed them to come together and form a happy couple.

<p>Sue Johnson “Hold me tight. 7 dialogues for love for life”</p>

Sue Johnson “Hold me tight. 7 dialogues for love for life”

When love and intimacy are replaced by dissatisfaction, quarrels and cooling, both partners suffer. Emotionally Focused Therapy will allow everyone to sort out the tangled tangle of emotions and restore trust and close relationships. Author Sue Johnson lays out the principles of her methodology in a popular way, and real stories and a practical part will help you apply them to your own relationships. Gives the key to the secret door of the relationship mechanism – dialogue. Only by talking to each other will you achieve understanding. You can’t clap your hands with just one hand. Relationships cannot be established if only one partner wants it.

How to resolve the conflict?

It is not always possible to resolve the conflict on your own. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult for us to open up, to understand why a feeling of irritation has arisen. Often we don’t feel like admitting that we, too, can be wrong.

In such cases, you will need to consult a psychologist who works with couples, as well as their children. At such consultations, you will be able to express to each other everything that worries you, delve into yourself and find the reasons that prevent you from enjoying life and understanding another person.

Unresolved quarrels are the causes of bad consequences for every family. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes of conflicts in time and look for the right way out.

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