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The role of the father in the life and upbringing of the child

The role of the father in the life and upbringing of the child
Olena Shevchuk
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For every child, his parents are the most important people in his life. He learns from them, with their help he perceives the world and distinguishes what is good and what is bad. But it is not always possible to establish the most important emotional contact. There are situations when a child closes and loses contact with dad or mom, or becomes too aggressive, excitable.

There can be many reasons for this. But most often they lie in the fact that the parents themselves cannot build contact with the children. In this case, you may need the services of a family psychologist who will help you understand the reasons for the misunderstanding and the role of the skin parent in the lives of children. And although many believe that the majority of the development of the child is influenced by the mother, the role of the father cannot be underestimated. Therefore, he should learn to interact with his daughter and son.

A father must properly interact with his children. Of course, there are no general and strict rules. But here it is important to understand that children learn from their parents behavior, reactions to certain life situations.

Dad and son. Father and daughter

Папа и сын

Somehow it so happened that fathers basically want to raise real men from their sons – strong, courageous, persistent. And in the pursuit of this, the most important components of a happy family life are completely forgotten – tenderness, love, mutual understanding. Many parents are too strict with boys, they do not feel sorry for them and do not hug or kiss them. But such severity and lack of affection on the part of the father can develop fears in the baby, he will be removed or even hate his father.

If the relationship with dad is warm and tender, the boy is more likely to absorb parental values ​​​​and copy dad’s example of a real man. It doesn’t matter what you say to your child. What matters is how you behave.

Отец и дочь

Dad strongly influences the female fate of his daughter. Therefore, the area of paternal responsibility is the choice of the right partner, success in personal life, building relationships with a man. Girls need physical contact with their fathers – hugs, kisses. This feeds their self-esteem.

For a girl, dad is an example, an ideal. Therefore, her future fate depends on how dad behaves with mom and daughter.

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Vlad Golovin | «How to be a cool dad. Stories and experiences of famous parents»

Where have the real men gone? Why are there so many divorces and orphans with living parents? Where are the men who are willing and able to educate and take care of their children?

The book is designed for the widest range of caring dads, as well as moms who will give the book to their men so that they know how to become cool parents.

How should a father be involved in raising children?

If it seems to you that you cannot establish contact with children, the help of a psychologist online will be a key opportunity to understand yourself and build rules of conduct. In addition, it must be remembered that participation in the upbringing of children will be useful in the following aspects.

☝ Dad is significant in the physical development of children – motor activity, various games and activities will help to establish contact.

☝ It is dad who can become an assistant in the development of children’s thinking, talking with them on serious topics.

☝ With the help of dad, you can build a constructive mother-child relationship when separation occurs.

☝ Dad can help in gender self-identification by forming a certain gender model in the boy, and communicating with the girl makes it possible to identify her with women.

Build relationships with your children and help them develop.

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