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Obsessive thoughts: how to get rid of them?

Obsessive thoughts: how to get rid of them?
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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Obsessive thoughts – they can arise out of nowhere, causing stress, panic, anxiety. And it is important to be able to get rid of them in order to regain the joy of life. It is not always possible to cope with this condition on your own. To get rid of obsessive thoughts, you will need the services of a psychologist who will help you get to the bottom of the cause of this condition and understand what to do next. But what do you need to know when such alarming conditions occur?

Ways to get rid of intrusive thoughts

Many people try to help themselves. To do this, they delve into themselves, trying to find the source of the problem. Psychologists also give the following few tips.

🌟 Describe what is happening. When the unconscious paints a picture of what might happen, it tries to protect us so that we can adapt to the situation. You need to describe the situation, draw it or write it on a piece of paper in order to analyze it.

Когда бессознательное рисует картину того, что может произойти

🌟 Think about the situation. The brain is very sensitive to any situation that it considers potentially dangerous. And it is important to analyze your thoughts, to think about whether you are exaggerating them.

Подумайте о ситуации. Мозг очень чувствителен к любой ситуации, которую считает потенциально опасной.

🌟 Try to live in the present. We often rely on negative thoughts in our minds, and we cannot look at the situation realistically. You need to think about which of the events from the past may be associated with fears. Try to pay more attention to what pleases you in real life in order to feel life in fullness.

Старайтесь жить настоящим

🌟 Name your fears. Feeling some kind of fear, we cannot describe it. But if we name it, then this is already part of the solution. Think about how you really feel – danger, anger, anxiety… After that, give yourself an answer to the question of whether you really want to spend time tormenting yourself.

Назовите свои страхи

Often, we get so caught up in fear that we focus all of our attention on it. And we can’t see anything else, switch. And it is important to try to drive away obsessive thoughts from yourself by focusing on something good.

<p>Nancy Collier “Obsessive Thoughts. How to stop the endless internal monologue, get rid of negative attitudes”</p>

Nancy Collier “Obsessive Thoughts. How to stop the endless internal monologue, get rid of negative attitudes”

Are you constantly thinking about something? Feeling anxious, hopeless, angry or stressed? Tried to get out of the spiral of negative thinking, but only sank deeper? Let’s face it: trying to escape or control your thoughts doesn’t work. Ultimately, it makes us even more unhappy.

This book will help you build a safe haven, a sanctuary within yourself from which you can observe and interact with the thoughts that arise in your mind. My goal is not to free you from your thoughts, but to help you find freedom in your thoughts. And most importantly – to bring you to inner well-being and peace, which are always with you – under a pile of thought processes.

Get started

To overcome your obsessive thoughts, you need to understand their origin. And here the psychologist becomes an important assistant. Before you seek help, you should study reviews about a psychotherapist, which will allow you to find a competent specialist. Together with him, you will find the underlying causes of the emerging panic, understand them.

You will also be able to understand how to act correctly in order to drive away obsessive thoughts from yourself. In the end, you will remove fears and will look at what is happening around you in a different way.

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