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Relationship problems: can a family psychologist help?

Relationship problems: can a family psychologist help?
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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It would seem that yesterday everything was fine with you. An ideal union, perhaps already marriage and children… But today something went wrong. You feel that you have turned the wrong way in relationships, and the harmony of life together is crumbling before your eyes.

Why are there problems?

Omissions, disagreements, quarrels can arise at different stages of the relationship. Every couple goes through a crisis. After all, there are two completely different people in it who are trying to build family relationships. They have to grind, learn to yield, respect personal space and hear each other.

In the case when a couple is faced with an unresolved problem, they need the help of a psychotherapist. After all, you see, we are not always able to resolve the issue on our own, to understand our feelings and ourselves. If the problem concerns us, loved ones, we often act on emotions, are guided by them and sometimes do not see the true reason for what is happening.

Situations are different. It happens that people are constantly in conflict or began to swear after a certain period of relationship. There may be financial disagreements and problems in raising children, betrayal, resentment. Someone tries to come to terms and turn a blind eye to uncomfortable situations, someone gets divorced … But you should not go to extremes, because in many ways you can figure it out with the help of a family psychologist.

Why is it worth contacting a psychologist?

Not everyone decides to get outside help. It is so common that we try to understand the causes of conflicts on our own. But psychology is a very subtle science. Therefore, it is impossible without special knowledge to get to the bottom of the truth, to help a person understand himself and understand the causes of problems.

Professional consultation of a family psychologist allows you to achieve many goals:

✅ Tell about your problem to another person in order to speak out, share, look at it from a different angle

Рассказать о своей проблеме другому человеку, чтобы выговориться, поделиться, взглянуть на нее с другого ракурса

✅ Understand yourself, understand the reasons for your experiences, emotional outbursts

Разобраться в себе, понять причины своих переживаний, эмоциональных всплесков

✅ Recognize and accept yourself, your character and behavior

Осознать и принять себя, свой характер и поведение

✅ Fix problems with a partner, learn to understand and accept him

Наладить проблемы с партнером, научиться его понимать и принимать

✅ Look deep into your subconscious and find the deepest aspects of emotional experiences

Глубоко заглянуть в свое подсознание и найти глубинные аспекты эмоциональных переживаний

<p>Harriet Lerner “I’ll fix it. The Subtle Art of Reconciliation”</p>

Harriet Lerner “I’ll fix it. The Subtle Art of Reconciliation”

This book is the best apology book ever. Sometimes, we make mistakes, hurt loved ones and generally behave not very well, intentionally or not. But, you can always fix everything, even if it seems that the relationship is forever ruined. And this applies not only to family or love relationships, but also to friendship and human interactions. After all, it doesn’t matter how you turned out to be guilty, the main thing is how you get out of this situation. The book is replete with examples from Harriet’s practice, and the reader is sure to find a case similar to his own. The language is pleasant, the translation is competent – thanks to “Peter” for this. The book is easy to read and easy to read.

Don't forget that a psychologist is not a magician.

He cannot switch your mind, deprive you of experiences, the pain of betrayal, or help you forget some event. Also, he will not change your partner. A psychologist will help you understand yourself, find harmony, accept a partner and learn how to build relationships with him.
When you are going to a psychologist, you are already ready to work on relationships and fight for them. You will have to be aware, accept your partner, make compromises and, most importantly, hear. Therefore, make a decision for yourself – whether you want to build relationships and whether they are worth it. If so, try working on them with the help of a psychologist.

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