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Feelings and emotions: how do they differ

Feelings and emotions: how do they differ
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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Emotions and feelings – very often we use these two concepts in the same context. But how is it really? When we are angry or happy, what do we experience? Most likely emotions. When do we get hurt? Are these feelings? We cannot always understand ourselves. But a psychologist in Kyiv can help with this, with which a person can understand himself, deeply consider his problems and find a solution to the problem. But still, how to distinguish emotions from feelings?

Looking for the difference

Ask yourself – how strong is your experience and how long do you have it? An emotion is what happens to a person at a particular moment. But the feeling can last a long time, it is deeper.

At the same time, these concepts work together. Some theorists believe that feelings are a lot of emotions. It is feelings that can cause a variety of emotions in a person. For example, if we talk about love, then it manifests itself in joy, experience, passion…

Consider the features that help distinguish between these two concepts.

😏 Emotions are characteristic of every living being, they originate in the limbic system. But only a person can experience feelings, they are inseparable from the thought process.

Эмоции характерны для каждого живого существа

🙂 Emotions can change quickly, and feelings arise when experiences increase, they last quite a long time.

Эмоции могут быстро меняться

🙃 Basically, emotions are tied to a specific event, and we have feelings in relation to someone.

Эмоции привязаны к определенному событию

🙄 Emotions are accompanied by certain physical reactions, and feelings can hide in us, they are manifested by emotional states.

Эмоции сопровождаются определенными физическими реакциями

We are always aware of our feelings, but our emotions are not. For example, we feel that we love someone. But what does it bring – fear, pride, uncertainty? In addition, it is impossible to experience more than one emotion at the same time, but there can be many feelings.

<p>Paul Ekman “The Psychology of Emotions. I know what you feel”</p>

Paul Ekman “The Psychology of Emotions. I know what you feel”

Emotions are explicit, hidden, controlled. To recognize, evaluate, correct them at an early stage in oneself and in others will be taught by Paul Ekman’s new book, a reference book, a tour de force book.

Discover the world of emotions to understand yourself and calculate others, to successfully communicate at home and in the office, not to make mistakes, but to win.

This book is replete with interesting facts, anecdotes from life and useful practical recommendations. And a good selection of photos of excellent quality will not leave indifferent even the most strict readers.

How can you recognize feelings?

Each emotion corresponds to a specific physiological response. And this allows you to separate anger from joy, sadness from fear. You can also learn to distinguish between feelings and understand yourself with the help of a psychologist. You just need to know what the price of a consultation with a psychologist is, and also be prepared for a deep knowledge of yourself.

And do not be afraid to verbally describe your emotions, focus on sensations. Do not be afraid to talk about how you feel, to pronounce everything that happens. Talk about everything that happens to you.

If you learn to notice the difference between these two states, you will understand yourself better. And you will be able to build relationships with others and your inner self.

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