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Stress. How to reduce its level during the war?

Stress. How to reduce its level during the war?
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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During the war, the number of Ukrainians who experience stress increased. Almost all of us experience anxiety. We are scared, we constantly read the news and cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. How to proceed in such a case? Of course, psychological counseling will not hurt. It is necessary in order to understand the causes of stress, as well as to determine the exit points from this state.

Why is stress levels rising?

It seems that anxiety has already become commonplace for many Ukrainians. And indeed it is. But, if nothing is done about it, we can get stuck in stress and fall into a deep depression.

It must be understood that stress is intensified due to the flow of information, active hostilities, our loved ones who are at war. Also, we do not feel control over life, and yet we cannot do the things that we are used to.

These factors have a strong influence on our psychological and physical condition. They also increase the production of the hormone cortisol. Of course, it cannot be assumed that it negatively affects the body. In moderation, it is useful and even necessary. But if its excess is felt, we feel anxiety, apathy, depression.

<p>Michaels Wheeler Claire “Stress. 10 ways to help find peace”</p>

Michaels Wheeler Claire “Stress. 10 ways to help find peace”

Based on positive psychology, body-mind medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy, the ten simple yet effective strategies in this short book are a powerful antidote to stress.


Who is this book for

✔ For those who are looking for simple yet effective solutions to deal with stress.
✔ For those interested in psychology, mind and body medicine.
✔ For those looking to recognize anxiety triggers and deal with chronic stress.

What do we have to do?

Do not leave everything as it is. Often we are so deeply imbued with a stressful state that we cannot get out of it on our own. It seems to us that everything around is collapsing, and anxiety binds us. It is possible that you will need an online psychotherapist with whom you will talk about the problem and find a solution to it.

Why is it so important? When a person experiences stress, not only does he have psychological problems, but there can also be physical disturbances. In particular, lethargy and drowsiness, headaches, memory loss, lack of mood, lack of motivation to go towards your goal testify to too strong production of cortisol. And we also do not want to eat, we feel a decrease in vision, pain in the heart, etc.

In order to help yourself at least a little, you must not only make an appointment with a psychologist, but also follow the following rules:

✨ dilute the negative information flow with positive news;

Dilute the negative information flow with positive news

✨ watch your sleep, relax;

Watch your sleep, relax

✨ eat right;

Eat right

✨ drink plenty of water;

Drink plenty of water

✨ engage in physical activity.

Engage in physical activity

Also, do not forget that all problems must be spoken out. You can do this with a psychologist who will listen to you and help you find a solution.

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