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Wife’s Infidelity. How to survive? Psychologist’s advice

Wife’s Infidelity. How to survive? Psychologist’s advice
Olena Shevchuk
Olena Shevchuk
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When we get married, we think it’s forever. We take oaths of eternal fidelity and love, care, support. But in one moment everything can change. Dissatisfaction with a partner, quarrels and scandals, as well as other reasons, can lead to the fact that a loved one finds another. Cope with the fact that his wife has changed, maybe not everyone. This leads to depression, self-doubt, disappointment. Many immediately end their marriage. But after all, both are always to blame for quarrels. Therefore, you first need to try to understand the situation, in which the psychologist of family relations will help you. Together with him, you will look at your life from several angles, analyze what is happening and find a way out.

Why is the wife cheating?

This is a difficult question for every man who is faced with such a problem. He can blame his woman, seeing the problem only in her. And some, on the contrary, delve deeply into their shortcomings. According to experts in family relationships, there can be several reasons for infidelity.

  • Sudden infatuation. We are all human, and in a certain period we can get carried away by others. Here, vows or how much we love our partner do not play a role at all. After all, it happens that our unfulfilled desires are revealed in another person. For example, if a woman feels special care from another man, he surrounds her with attention, it is difficult for her to resist. And if there is not enough passion in family life, she can fall in love with a boyfriend.
  • Revenge. Unfortunately, this is a very common reason for cheating. Even if you are completely faithful to your wife, but callous, inattentive, or often offend her with some actions, she can take revenge with the help of treason.
  • Lack of attention. In family life, many men forget how important it is for a woman to feel that she is attractive and desirable. Because of the routine, you can stop giving her the necessary portion of attention. Therefore, she has to look for it on the side and receive it from others.
  • Sexual dissatisfaction. Has your intimacy become just a marital duty? It is important for a woman, like a man, to get vivid emotions from sex. And if she remains unsatisfied, she gradually loses interest in her partner. At the same time, she is looking for another who will satisfy her desires.
  • Personal crisis. This reason cannot be ignored. At some point in our lives, each of us experiences a crisis. We are trying to understand ourselves, to find the meaning of life, our true path. At the same time, we can get so confused, eaten by everyday life, that we are trying to change everything.
  • Accident. Nobody is immune from this. Of course, this does not mean that you can forgive and forget a casual connection. But it happens that momentary desires or weaknesses lead to treason.
<p>Spring JA, Spring M. “Infidelity. Therapy after infidelity”</p>

Spring JA, Spring M. “Infidelity. Therapy after infidelity”

Cheating is one of the scariest words in the language. It is saturated with bitterness, behind it is the pain of parting and the ghost of loneliness, it pushes us to the abyss of eternal separation. But is it? What lies behind the betrayal and where can it lead? Dr. Spring suggests how to heal the bleeding wounds of the soul, how to help both partners survive a difficult period of life, how to survive in a hurricane of passion and find each other again, how to regain love and trust and build such strong and close relationships that you never even dreamed of.

How to survive the betrayal of his wife?

If you are overwhelmed by huge emotions, you need to give yourself time to cool down. After all, anger is a very bad adviser. Psychological counseling will also help you, so you can understand yourself, understand your emotions and survive infidelity.

The family psychologist also recommends acting according to the following scheme:

  • Find a place where you can be alone for a while. Do not drink alcohol, as this will only cloud your mind. On the contrary, you need to soberly think about the situation.

Be alone

  • Try to understand your wife. To do this, you need to understand the factors that led to treason.

Try to understand your wife

  • Talk to your wife. It will be a difficult conversation, but it is necessary. Only then can any conclusions be drawn.

Talk to your wife

  • Make up your mind. Think it over soberly, evaluate the consequences for yourself and your wife. Listen to what she wants.

Make up your mind

Psychological help will also help. Regardless of what decision you make, you need to improve your emotional state. A good psychologist will help you with this, with whom you will work through the situation and be able to sort out your emotions.

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